Sharing Smiles For Nicole

In Loving Memory of Nicole
What an amazing night to remember Nicole. Her favorite band, Sister Hazel, dedicated their July 18, 2008 concert at Wolftrap to her and played the song “Firefly.” With almost 100 of her closest friends and family in the crowd we were able to enjoy the night together and feel her presence with us in what we know would have been a night she truly would have loved. Thank you so much to the band for providing us with yet another way for us to celebrate Nicole’s life and to remember all that she was to us.
See a portion of the dedication and song “Firefly”

She’s not like anyone else
You wonder why she captured
You like a firefly
And makes you shine like you never could alone

And tell me
Can you see her shining
Through a crowded room
Where she’s the view
And maybe
She’ll embrace your innocence maybe

She gets high but hates those cigarettes
She speaks and breaks your intellect
And she’s allowed to change her mind
Just you try to stop her yeah

And so it is
The same you’ve not been since
One hit and you were lit up like a firefly
Be careful what you wish

She tells stories like a painter, yeah
With colorful words that I don’t always understand
But it always sounds like somewhere better than here
Yeah, everywhere is better with her

She has a subtle way
Of making you forget your darkness
Behind some clever conversation
No finer heart, could ever beat for you