Scholarship History:

The Nicole Michelle Lee Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in January 2008 by her family soon after Nicole was involved in a fatal car accident.  This Fund provides scholarships and educational opportunities for individuals graduating from Col Zadok Magruder High School in Derwood, Maryland.

Nicole was an exceptional individual who excelled academically, participated in many extracurricular activities, served her church and community, and had a passion for living life to its fullest.  We hope to provide scholarships to students who embody some of Nicole’s impressive qualities, and who will use their skills to make a difference in the world.


A scholarship of $1,000, renewable for 3 subsequent years, will be awarded to a 2019 graduating senior from Col Zadok Magruder High School in Derwood, Maryland.  The funds are to be used for tuition, books, lodging, and/or meals at the institution of higher education of the recipient’s choice.  The funds will go directly to the college or university where the recipient plans to attend college.  The applicant must submit a completed application by April 30, 2019 to be considered for this scholarship.  An Advisory Selection Committee will decide the winner.  This award is renewable for the three subsequent years provided that the student has maintained satisfactory academic status as determined by the Advisory Selection Committee.  The student will be required to apply each year for renewal.  This will be a short form to ensure that the student is performing academically and that they will complete their undergraduate degree in four years. 

2019 Nicole Michelle Lee Scholarship Applicant Qualifications:

·        Must be a graduating senior from Col Zadok Magruder High School in Derwood, Maryland
·        Must plan to attend an accredited college or university as a full-time student
·        Must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 (out of 4.0)
·        Must expect completion of a minimum five (5) AP courses.  Completion of college courses at an accredited undergraduate institution can be substituted for an AP course
·        Must show involvement in a balance of activities (community, school, athletics, charitable, etc)
·        Demonstration of leadership skills and the ability to inspire others
·        Demonstration of a desire to make a meaningful contribution to society both present and future
·        Special consideration will be given to students who excel in Math
·        Applicant must submit the recommendations specified in the application form
·        Applicant must submit the essays specified in the application form
·        The Advisory Selection Committee may require an interview with the applicant

Check List:

o   Completed and Signed Application Form

o   Attached Additional Information, if needed (A/P courses, awards, extracurricular activities, religious or community involvement, athletic involvement, employment history, additional interest, and scholarships awarded to date).

o   Attach a copy of your official transcript or indicate that you have arranged to have it sent.

o   Attached two recommendations from teachers at Magruder High School.

o   Attached one recommendation from someone outside of school.

o   Attached one recommendation from family or friends.

o   Attached two essays from the list provided.

o   Submit complete applications to the Career Center at Magruder High School, by April 30, 2019.


Nicole Michelle Lee Memorial Scholarship 2019



Contact Information

Student Name 
Permanent Address 
City State ZIP 
Home Phone 
E-Mail Address 
Date of Birth 

Educational Information


GPA (out of 4.0)

















College or University Information

Identify the colleges or universities to which you applied and which you were accepted to this year, identify first and second choices.  Identify where you will be attending in the fall if the decision has already been made.  Identify your intended course study/major if the decision has been made.  Identify career goal if decided.



Additional Information

Attach additional sheets if necessary.


1.    List all A/P, Honors and GT taken in high school include grades for each class.


2.    List all awards and accolades.


3.    List all extracurricular activities include any leadership positions.


4.    List all religious or community involvement.


5.    List all athletic involvement.


6.    List all employment history.


7.    List any additional interest.


8.    List all other scholarships awarded to date.


9.    Provide a copy of your transcript (or arrange to have it sent).



Attach (or arrange to have it sent) the following four (4) recommendations:


Two recommendations from teachers at Magruder High School.

One recommendation from someone outside the school (preferably someone involved in your community, religious, athletic, or work activities.)

One recommendation from a family member or friend.


Pick and respond to two of the following essay topics:


a.       After reading about Nicole on this website ( discuss how you feel you embody some of her qualities, and how that will help you positively affect the world around you.

b.       Nicole had a passion for learning and was always inspiring others to do their best academically.  Describe your passion for learning and how you have helped those around you with their education.

c.       Nicole lived a very full, active, and balanced life all the while showing kindness and sharing her smile with everyone.  Define balanced life and explain how you live one.


Agreement and Signature

By submitting this application, I affirm that the facts set forth in it are true and complete. I understand that if I am accepted as the winner of this award, any false statements, omissions, or other misrepresentations made by me on this application may result in the loss of the award.


Name (printed)







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